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Ensuring Your Comfort, Safety and Peace of Mind.
Four Seasons Sunrooms components pass rigorous independent testing and are then approved by these major independent accreditation agencies.
You don’t have to take our word for the fact that we’re #1 ... we’ve got the independent tests and approvals to prove it. Before you buy any sunroom or conservatory, ask to see their Certification and Approvals list.

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Qualified Remodeler Top 500 Qualified Remodeler
Top 500 Annual National Firms List - #1 Sunroom Manufacturer

Four Seasons Sunrooms has been ranked by one of the industry's most prestigious magazines as a top performer in its annual rankings of manufacturers. Qualified Remodeler magazine's Top 500 list is the longest ongoing recognition program in the remodeling industry. Each year, the Qualified Remodeler Top 500 recognizes remodelers for significant and sustained success. National companies are recognized on a separate list within the Top 500. Four Seasons Sunrooms is proud to be the highest ranking sunroom manufacturer on the Annual National Firms List.

ICC-ES is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation that does technical evaluations of building products, components, methods, and materials. The evaluation process culminates with the issuance of reports on code compliance, which are made available free of charge, on the Worldwide Web, to building regulators, contractors, specifiers, architects, engineers and anyone else with an interest in the building industry and construction. These people look to ICC-ES evaluation reports for evidence that products and systems meet code requirements.

American Architectural Manufacturing Association (AAMA)
AAMA is the source of performance standards, product certification and educational programs for the window, door and skylight industry. The windows are labeled with a permanent gold label that is affixed to the window frame.

National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)
NFRC is a non-profit organization that administers the only uniform, independent rating and labeling system for the energy performance of windows, doors, skylights, and attachment products. Its goal is to provide fair, accurate and reliable energy performance ratings. A removable NFRC label is attached to the glass for each window at the factory.

Underwriter’s Laboratories Canada (ULC)
Underwriter’s Labor-atories of Canada (ULC) is an independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization. ULC has been testing products for public safety for more than 80 years and are accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, under the National Standards System.

California Housing and Community Development – Factory Built Housing Program (CHCD/FBHP)
The purposes of the Factory-Built Housing Program are to ensure the health and safety of persons using or purchasing factory-built homes (FBH) or FBH building components, and to provide California residents with reduced housing costs through mass production techniques resulting from a factory production environment.

Florida Building Commission (FBC)
The State of Florida requires that certain building components that are used as part of the building envelope be approved by the State Building Commission. This is a requirement for the product to be sold in the state.

National Sunroom Association (NSA)
Four Seasons Sunrooms is a founding member of the National Sunroom Association (NSA), a member-directed trade association founded in 1997. The NSA is dedicated to the advancement of the manufacture and construction of safe, energy efficient and environmentally conscious sunrooms, patio rooms and solariums. That National Sunroom Association is dedicated strictly to the sunroom industry, and is committed to assuring that consumers learn about and enjoy the many benefits of sunroom living.

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